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We mainly provides advanced supply chain optimization and decision technologies to our clients to well manage their supply chain.
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e-jing Technologies Limited ("e-jing") mainly provides advanced supply chain optimization and decision technologies to our clients to well manage their supply chain. On the other hand, e-jing also has strong capability and experiences to provide supply chain consulting services to help our clients to identify and investigate their supply chain challenges, then improve their supply chain performance.

e-jing supply chain solutions enable high-performance business process optimization and execution to achieve a connected view of the customer from raw materials flowing into production to end-consumer products at the shelf. "Sense-and-respond®” supply chain philosophy is the best supply chain management practice to bring a sense of flexibility and harmony along the supply chain. e-jing's clients have seen improvements in forecasting planning, procurement executing, materials planning, production planning, inventory managing, shipping scheduling from working with e-jing to profit the whole life of supply chain.


e-jing is the world's leading Supply Chain Management solution company, providing supply chain management system implementation and consultancy services for customers, including the Forbes Global 1000 and local enterprises.

Inspired by a joint research between a multinational enterprise and the Chinese University of Hong Kong ("CUHK") in 1995, e-jing aims at developing state-of-the-art technologies for supply chain management solution.

After the success of the case, e-jing continued to serve companies across different industries and brought real values to enhance company's effectiveness and efficiency. In order to manage its increasing customer base, in 2000, CUHK decided to officially spin-off e-jing from CUHK and become a corporate entity.

e-jing now masters information in ahead of the market through keeping a close relationship with Productivity Council, Associations of different industries and various internationally renowned universities like the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Columbia University, Tsinghua University etc.. On the other hand, e-jing keeps expanding its team of professional in the technology fields to serve its clients. The professionals integrate their research achievements in supply chain and technology to act as the platform to serve clients. Today, e-jing has a team of supply chain professionals, in which some of them are internationally well-recognized scientists and scholars. e-jing has already developed several propriety technologies, which are under patent filing in the US.

Business Partners

The business partner network of e-jing includes: IBM, Automated System Limited, BEA Systems, Microsoft, Oracle, PCCW and major consultancy firms.


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