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We mainly provides advanced supply chain optimization and decision technologies to our clients to well manage their supply chain.
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Vision & Mission

e-jing forte is to bring long term successes to enterprises by optimizing the operating efficiency and creating efficiency and creating business values. e-jing will guide our clients to improve the supply chain to a "Sense-and-respond®” supply chain philosophy, which is the best supply chain management practice to bring a sense of flexibility and harmony along the supply chain.

Our mission is crystal clear that, to create business values to our clients and optimize their business performances in order to enable their long-term success. e-jing enables our clients to achieve supply chain adaptiveness and efficiencies, to achieve customer-centric and business-centric supply chain responsiveness and to strength supply chain management foundation and system integration. Headquarter located in Hong Kong, our supportive and R&D facilities are now expanding to capture to ever-expanding business drives in China and the Asia Pacific regions. e-jing provides not only the enabler to your supply chain management, but also to achieve the supply chain optimization and the IT advancement to strengthen clients' competitiveness.

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