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Third Party Logistics Services Industry

With more and more competitors in the logistics and outsourced distribution market, as a third party logistics services provider, you have to differentiate and enhance your services capability in order to satisfy your customers and stay competitive. However, the customers of 3PL always represent many industries with varying requirements. How to managing multiple warehouses, inventories, clients and channels has become the main issue of the industry. e-jing's experience in 3PL services industry and advanced solution have helped many 3PL services providers enhance their capability of operation and achieve their business expectations and long-term success by lowering inventory levels and reducing transportation and operational costs.

It is a third-party logistics services provider that offers global logistics services to customers worldwide by means of air and sea forwarding services. Apart from this, the company also provides warehousing management services to majority of the customers. In order to improve competitiveness of the company, the management expected to improve the management capabilities and integrate the cargo handling processes by an effective and reliable one-stop solution. The original spreadsheet forms of freight recording and the simple off-line processing statements could no longer meet the company needs, as well as the customer requirements. Thus, the company commissioned e-jing to develop a 3PL management system that caters to the requirements of the logistics services industry.

e-jing's Solution
After our in-depth analysis, e-jing's consultants and analysts found that more...

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