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Electronics Manufacturing Industry

In the fast-paced world of electronics, the industry environment is constantly changing. Lead times and product life cycles can create tremendous pressure. And, market consolidation, planning multi-location, running alternative part, running changing, changing distribution channels, increased outsourcing and supplier inventory management put further strain on the resources. e-jing's experience in electronics industry and advanced solution have helped many manufacturers achieve their business expectations and realize long-term success.

One of the Hong Kong biggest electronic listed companies works with her U.S.A customer to produce fashionable electronic products. Due to the rapidly increased demand in the market and limitations found in the her existing ERP, the Hong Kong manufacturer is now facing the challenge of how to improve her material and production planning for shortening her manufacturing lead time in order to meet the customer's development.

Actually, the manufacturer has consulted one of the famous consulting firms in U.S.A for solving the challenges. However, the consulting firm did not give a concrete methodology and solution to the manufacturer.

On the contrary, e-jing supply chain consultancy team finally found out the roots of the challenges and directly spotted on the roots and delivered an ultimate solution for assisting the manufacturing smoothly collaborate with her client.

e-jing's Solution
Through advanced methodologies of supply chain management and the sophisticated quantitative analysis to evaluate the case, e-jing's experienced consultant team came to a conclusion that more...

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