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Woven Garment Manufacturing Industry

The fashion industry is characterized by a proliferation of styles and sizes coupled with a short product life cycles. Given the product characteristics, it is usually difficult to sample the demand accurately. So how to response to customers quickly, manage the sample, delivery the products on time etc. has become the unavoidable tasks in front of fashion manufacturers. e-jing's experience in fashion industry and advanced solution have helped many manufacturers to improve their operation processes, increase their on-time deliver rates, and achieve their business objectives.

A fashion manufacturing enterprise group has set up a huge production and sales system in Asia, the Americas, and Europe and her factories are mainly located in China, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries.

As the rapid development of the company, management found that the existing system can no longer meet the company's development direction and demand, such as: rapid response to customers, optimize production resources and improve the on-time delivery rate, and so on. In addition, a comprehensive cost tracking is also a major challenge for the management to obtain accurate costing information and analyze that information.

e-jing's Solution
For solving the challenges of the enterprise, e-jing provided a comprehensive solution which was specially designed for the fashion manufacturing industry including more...

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