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Garment Accessory Manufacturing Industry

The business environment has been changed.  Customers are always asking for more sample requests but only offer a small confirmed order quantity.  Multiple-styles production becomes a fundamental requirement but a limited production lead time is only allowed. Being a garment accessory manufacturer, the product development should be well-adapted to this market trend in order to stay competitive among other competitors. e-jing's experience in garment accessory industry and advanced solution have helped many manufacturers to handle their unique management issues and achieve long-term success.

One of the Hong Kong biggest garment accessory manufacturer based in Hong Kong and there is a huge manufacturing factory located in the PRC. The major customers are mainly from the USA and Europe. In the past years, the company started to expand and developed in a dramatic rate because of the massive demand of fashionable product in the market.

The management finally found out that the existing practice was somehow not suitable for the future development as the supply chain environment became more and more complicated. The product requirements from clients were also much than before and it leaded a great drop on the profit margin.

Therefore, the management of the company had an idea to investigate their supply chain challenges and improve their supply chain performance in an efficiency way.

e-jing's Solution
e-jing supply chain expertise used the I4 consulting diagnosis methodology to help the company to identify, investigate, improve and implement a best-fit supply chain strategy more...

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