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Jewelery Manufacturing Industry

The visibility of production progress status monitoring, actual material consumption is the major challenge of jewelery manufacturing. What's more, manufacturers face many operation and management issues, such as cost controlling, order lifecycle managing, and so on. e-jing's experience in jewelery industry and advanced solution have helped many manufacturers to visualize their production and material consumption, achieve their order, production and financial objectives.

A Hong Kong ODM jewelry enterprise, who designs and produces a wide range of jewelry product for her customers. The management of the enterprise found that her original ERP system can not meet the business needs and future developments any more. Also, the management described that the production status was the"black hole" and he never knew the production status of a particular order. When there was a sudden and unexpected change, it was hard for departments to make a right decision in flexible way.

The company has contacted many system providers, but they haven’t found the feasible solution they needed indeed. Finally, after a detailed analysis for them, e-jing designed a flexible and tailor-made supply chain management system for them.

e-jing's Solution
Three steps of e-jing's strategy:
  • In-depth analysis: e-jing's supply chain management experts explored more...

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