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Sweater Garment Manufacturing Industry

In the rapid development of Sweater Garment Industry, the environment is dynamical and constantly changing. Short delivery lead times, high on-time delivery rates and short product life cycles create tremendous pressure. What's more, the unique manufacturing procedures become a challenge of operation management, such as lab-dip, sampling, dying management and so on. e-jing's experience in Sweater Garment Industry and advanced solution have helped many manufacturers handle their unique management issues and achieve long-term success.

A Hong Kong sweater manufacturing enterprise with factories in the PRC areas mainly produces fashionable sweaters to her customers from major cities of the United States and Southeast Asia. With the development of company and the stress customer requirements, management found that the functions of traditional ERP system can no longer meet the needs of current business and customers. At the same time, they also found that the majority of ERP systems available in the market can't meet the immediate needs of sweater industry.

e-jing's Solution
e-jing supply chain management system for Sweater Garment Industry is special designed for Sweater Garment Industry, it integrated the special processes of sweater manufacturing,
such as more...

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