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Toy Manufacturing Industry

Unlike other general industries, toy industry has many very-different production and materials requirements. Toy industry manufacturers are facing different challenges from their clients, such as: fluctuated forecasting, rigorous quality control, narrowing profit margin and complicated material reimbursement and approval scheme. e-jing's consultants and solutions have helped many toy manufacturers achieve their business expectations and realize long-term success.

It is a toy OEM company in Hong Kong with its major customers of famous toy brand owners in the United Stated and Japan. Even though there was business development in the past few years, at the same time the management found that the inventory level, the dead stock material and the slow-moving goods were constantly increasing. It was because the customers' production requirements had become higher and more complicated, especially for material purchase and consumption.

Therefore, the management believed that it would be hard to reduce the manufacturing cost and improve the company performance in the long run. In order to help the enterprise clear off the vexed problems of inventory, e-jing designed a set of SCM strategies and solutions to eliminate the black-holes of the supply chain.

e-jing's Solution
Through evaluating the supply chain operations from different aspects, such as analyzing more...

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