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Challenges and Opportunities in Jewelry Industry

Current Situation
Many Hong Kong jewelry-manufacturing enterprises operate in a make-to-order mode to produce fashionable jewelry, in which they can react to customer requests without building up inventories. Yet, customers expect them to promptly confirm orders, make on-time deliveries and comply the high quality standards.

The major challenge is that jewelry-manufacturing could be the invisibility of production progress status monitoring, actual material consumption and also the performance of individual worker.

Without an integrated Master Production Scheduling (MPS) function for supply chain execution, staff needs to work manually with offline documents to track-and-trace order fulfillment status. If there is any order inquiry about its status, the staff has to look into many forms and reports to find out the answer. In some circumstances, staff in the Production & Material Control Department (PMC) may not be alerted for the late orders.

In addition, lots of statistical reports are necessary to track the discrepancy of estimated labor cost and actually labor cost; materials issues and actual consumption (include, diamonds, gold, etc.). Such tedious tasks that performed in manual basic slow down the operation flow and information is far lag behind the actual operational procedures.

Our Solution
Functionalities of the e-jing SCM™ system cover the complete manufacturing cycle from marketing, samples production, costing, material control, manufacturing order, shop-floor, rework quality, inventory control, shipping, etc. e-jing SCM™ is a full featured system running totally on the Internet tailored for Jewelry industry. It has strong scalability, reliability, security and connectivity for your future growth and demand:

  • Profit and Costing Management: it provides detail and complete features to capture and cover the cost related to a specific job, for example, diamond grading, wastage from workers, collection of wastage from shop-floor. It also provides functions for management to evaluate the profit margin of special clients.

  • Processing Management: it provides staff to effectively plan through a manufacturing-process (Bill-of-Process) integrated platform and compare the actual status of execution with the original plans; it also guides users to follow the required procedures and approval steps and let managements and PMC Department trace orders' latest production status;

  • Performance Management: Monitoring the changes of information and the performance of related departments and staff in the supply chain;

  • Version Management: it enables users to keep tracking of multiple versions of manufacturing documents, materials issues, labour cost revision, etc..

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