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Challenges and Opportunities in Sweater Garment Industry

Current Situation
Many Hong Kong Sweater-manufacturing enterprises operate in a make-to-order business mode to produce fashionable products to their customers. In the past years, the enterprises have been facing many supply chain challenges which are damaging their profits.

In the external environment, customers of fashion brands nowadays are always looking for fast react partners in order to meet various demands of end customers. On the other hand, they also request their partners to provide a lot of value-added services and shorter lead time to fulfill their ad-hoc changes. Customers also need massive reports from their manufacturers for keep-track the material status and production status. Those additional tasks consume lots of effort of manufacturing enterprises.

Internally, the management of manufacturing enterprises need to deal with the ad-hoc changes, re-plan and re-allocate their material and resources to ensure the delivery on time. Those are not easy tasks for enterprises to collaborate all the things in given short period. Therefore, dramatically increases of manual work are involved for the collaboration.

Our Solution
e-jing SCM™ for Sweater Industry is tailor made for the industry to handle their daily operation. It has strong scalability, reliability, security and connectivity for your future growth and it covers the whole process of the industry, for example,

  • Sample Management.
  • Yarn Management
  • Accessory Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Sub-contracting Management
  • Knitting Management
  • Quality Management
  • Accounting and Costing Management
In addition, e-jing K-FS™(APS) is an advanced module for management and production manager to manage the production scheduling of computerized knitting machines. The advanced module can give production manager a detail schedule of a particular machine. It also helps the company to face ad-hoc changing environment for example, material late, sales order change, late sample approval and urgent order issues. The function can assist them to forecast the scheduling result after change. Therefore, production manager can make decisions more efficiently than before.

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