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Challenges and Opportunities in Leatherwear Industry

Current Situation
Whenever orders (advanced orders or make-to-order requests) are received at the sales & merchandizing department, the manufacturer has to immediately contact other departments to decide on the commitment of orders and make prompt quotations. For the newly-launched products, manufacturers have to estimate the costs take into account of the cost from R&D department or sampling room. What makes the challenges are the collaboration and decisions made by all departments within a short period of time, considering operational costs, lead- time and delivery, so as to avoid costly air cargo shipment and overdue penalties.

In fact, not only the sales & merchandizing department bears pressure from quotes and orders, the factory has to be assured of consecutive operation of machines and precise calculations of production capacity. The precise understanding of all the above is the imperative to build up customer satisfaction.

Our Solution
Through the implementation of supply chain management system, manufacuturers can sense, response and modify the current supply-chain by e-jing's family of Sense-and-Respond® solution. And thereby to carry out a customer- oriented and operation-centric business, undergo complete transformation of operational procedures and emphasis on the relations with customers as well as consumers.

We help the manufacturers to coordinate various departments like the sales, production, procurement department, etc. Through eliminating the non-value added processes, collaborating the operation of the supply chain, automating work processes, improving the vigilance and response of employee towards ad-hoc events, sharing of procurement information and the standardization of workflow, the implementation of our e-jing's Sense-and-Respond® solution can contribute to a continuous and simultaneous workflow.

  • Sample Management
  • Accessory Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Sub-contracting Management
  • Quality Management
  • Accounting and Costing Management

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