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Challenges and Opportunities in Machinery Industry

Current Situation
Manufacturers produce both industrial machinery and parts in Hong Kong. Initial development of the industry was prompted by a rise in local demand. Industrialization in the Mainland China since the early 1980s has provided an added boost to Hong Kong's machinery industry.

Hong Kong-made machines are price and quality competitive. Prices are lower than those of Japan and Europe. Hong Kong manufacturers are able to handle small batch and large variety of designs at shorter delivery lead-time. They also have an edge in providing prompt after-sales services, especially for those machines installed in China.

In order to compete with global competitors, such as Taiwan in the medium-level market as well as with Mainland China target the lower-end market, Hong Kong manufacturers are increasingly facing challenges between pricing and market segments.

Our Solution
e-jing Supply Chain Management (e-jing SCM™) is a full featured system running totally on the Internet tailored for machinery & parts industry. It has strong scalability, reliability, security and connectivity for your future growth and demand:

  • Material Planning Management
    As there are lots of parts and materials within a product, therefore, it is complicated for engineering department to manager the bill of material (BOM) and monitor the usage of materials. Among the product, there should be lots of common parts or alternative parts to handle. However, most of the traditional ERPs are not support the common parts or alternative parts planning. Therefore, enterprises usually spend a lot of resources to handle the issues and the planning of these issues is always isolated from the central system. With the e-jing SCM™, it can help enterprises to handle these kind of planning by C2MRP™ and assist manager to make decision on the usage.

  • Production Scheduling and Management
    Other the other hand, management of machinery are also worry about the production schedule and status of the production line. e-jing has advanced supply chain technologies for the companies to optimize the usage of equipments and resources in the production line. The technology with a close-loop design can help the management to re-plan and re-schedule the production plan while there are urgent orders and unexpected issues.

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