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Challenges and Opportunities in Toy Industry

Current Situation
Toy industry is one of the most complicated manufacturing industries as millions pieces of toys were recalled by the toy makers in the U.S. and the reputations of China toys manufacturers were harmed although the recalls are most of time due to the original design of toys.

On the other hand, toy industry manufacturers are facing different kinds of challenges from their clients, for examples, fluctuated forecasting, rigorous quality control, narrowing profit margin and complicated material reimbursement and approval scheme. Those issues are not easy to handle by the manufacturing enterprises and also are unfulfilled requirements from existing major ERP systems.

Our Solution
Our advanced supply solution can support the toy manufacturers to manage and handle complex issue in their supply chain environment, for example:

  • Product Lifecycle Development
    Under the directives of WEEE and RoHS, the engineering BOM, plastic BOM, and even packaging BOM are collaboratively be designed and maintained between buyers, OEMs and partners in real time and thus speed the flow of critical marketing information.

  • Customer Policy
    In the toy manufacturing industry, there are lots of policies set by the toy brands, for example, forecasting commitment, material approval and quality assurance. With e-jing SCM™, toy manufacturer can handle those policies in an efficient way.

  • Material Requirement Planning
    As there are some special requirements in the material requirements from those toy brands, therefore it is not easy for the a transitional MRP to handle those relationships among the policies and the material requirement planning. The MRP of e-jing SCM™ for toy industry is specially designed for toy manufacturers to cover the special requirements from their clients.

  • Production Planning and Execution
    The features and design of the e-jing solutions for toy industry are capable for production planners to plan, manage and control the shop-floor issue. There are advanced features that can help enterprises to optimize the production resources. On the other hand, the real-time situations of the shop-floor can be reflected to the planner for re-planning and monitoring.

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