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Challenges and Opportunities in Woven Garment Industry

Current Situation
Fashionable products are always difficult to predict. As a woven garment manufacturer, it is a big challenge to handle customers' order because the lead time given by customers becomes shorter and shorter. Sometimes, they have to handle customers forecasting but it is always not accurate. On the other hand, the combinations of color are also not easy to deal with as the order size of a particular SKU is relatively smaller than before.

Therefore, there are massive workloads in the operation than before. Beside, in order to fulfill the customers' order, most of the manufacturers have to store enough fabrics and materials for minimizing the lead time. Meanwhile, the problem of dyed lots is always the consideration when allocating the material for different orders and different production plants.

For the newly-launched products, manufacturers have to estimate the costs take into account of the cost from R&D department or sampling room. What make the challenges are the collaboration and decisions made by all departments within a short period of time, considering operational costs, lead- time and delivery, so as to avoid costly air cargo shipment and overdue penalties.

Our Solution
e-jing SCM™ for the woven garment industry is tailor made for the industry to handle daily operation, which can help the manufacturers to improve their supply chain performance in the following ways, for example,

  • Demand and Forecasting
  • Fabric Allocating
  • Material Quality Controlling
  • Order Processing
  • Material Planning
  • Inventory Controlling
  • Costing Analyzing

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