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Business Process Improvement

Consideration between BPI, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology

The Supply Chain Management and Information Technology strategies of each company is a concrete plan. In which, the following information should be included in the plan:

  • Current status of the company
  • Development direction
  • System Installation
  • Development procedures and budgeting,
  • As well as the progress and development mode of system development
In order to achieve strategic improvement and high competitiveness, it is clearly inadequate for a company to change from manual work to computerized work, or simply digitalize historical data.

The introduction of supply chain management and information technology, and Business Process Improvement has become an important component in strategy application.

Extensive Business Process Improvement techniques

During the deployment of BPI, e-jing will pursuant to the following rules:

  • Focus on the results of all business process, but not only a single concrete work
  • Assign the tasks to those who operate the process
  • Assign the data management to the responsible department
  • Virtual Centralization of departments that are geographically separated
  • Assign the decision point to actual operations and through IT to monitor and manage the decision
  • The last data will only be entered into the system at once at the place where it is produce

e-jing Business Process Improvement consultancy team will be responsible for the following events:

  • Set up a goal for all operation processes and sub-processes
  • Evaluate the progress of all operation processes and sub-processes
  • Based on the analysis above, search for processes and sub-processes that need to be re-designed or modified. Emphasis will be put on the new operation method brought by SCM and Information Technology.
  • Develop a trial process before the application of BPI, adding with evaluation from management and operations' staff

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