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Change Management

Direct changes will bring in some potentially significant changes to the managers and employees of your current business units, to your existing agent force and to your customer base. Successfully identifying and analyzing these issues and then creating a plan to effectively deal with them will be critical to successfully implementing the changes. We will bring experienced change professionals with many similar experiences to assist organizations in recognizing and analysis these changes.

The Change Enablement framework illustrated will drive the team's ability to:

  • Identify cultural and behavioral barriers to working across organizational lines
  • Generate understanding and commitment between the direct response unit and other key operations
  • Analyze the significance of the concerns of existing agents and build strategies to mitigate them
  • Aggressively manage customer behavior to take maximum advantage of the most effective channel
  • Systematically plan and facilitate the migration to the new operations
  • Help leaders to predict and respond to the consequences of change

Your Guidance towards Change Management

Business Process Improvement, BPI, suggested by e-jing is to solve any possible influences towards the changes arised during new process and system implementation towards strategy, process, personnel & IT. Changes may arised from:

  • Organizational Changes;
  • Process Changes;
  • Forms, Reports and Functional Interface Changes

To tackle the changes, e-jing provides all round Change Management services, includes:

  • Communicate with users regarding the changes;
  • Facilities process re-engineering;
  • Evaluate new forms and reports;
  • Assist training and coaching sessions;
  • Evaluate changes performances.

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