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I4 supply chain consultancy service is an art-of-state diagnosis model which is suggested by e-jing supply chain management expertise. The diagnosis model can help enterprises to build and implement efficient supply chain management strategies for the even-change supply chain environment. The I4 diagnosis model is basically a close-loop design and is combined by four different stages, including Identify, Investigate, Improve and Integrate.

The entire consultancy diagnosis will help the enterprises to analysis the existing supply chain challenges and environment, to evaluate the supply chain operational key performances, to examine operational workflow efficiency and to establish supply chain strategies to supply the development of the enterprises.

e-jing will analyze the existing supply chain situation of the companies and identify the roots and causes of the challengeable issues, for example, e-jing will find out what the main reasons of the dead stock are and where is the bottle-necks along the entire operation planning and procedures.

e-jing supply chain expertise will go further investigation based on the results explored in the first stage with the management of the companies. Apart from this, the expertise of e-jing will prioritize the critical issues with the management in order to take further steps.

According the findings and analysis from the previous stages, e-jing's supply chain expertise will establish and formulate a series of improvement plans in order to solve the challenges along the supply chain. Also, our expertise will balance and analyze the risks and expectations with the management of carrying the plans.

Finally, the best-fit improvement plan will be integrated to the enterprises and e-jing will continuously evaluate the progress and result of the plan. After the implementation of the plan, the diagnosis loop will still keep going to identify and investigate the feedback and performances of the enterprises' supply chain until the improvement plans are smoothly executed in the companies.

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