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Quality Assurance

e-jing's Project Quality Assurance Specialists will continuously monitor and control the qualities of the projects through the following policies:

  • Demand Confirmation: After the demand analysis, project teams will prepare the functional specifications from meetings. Our project quality assurance specialists are responsible to review its accuracy and completeness. After being discussed and revised, this confirmed document will become the baseline of the new systems and the entire projects, as well as the guidelines for the edition and customers' review.

  • Changes Control: During the projects, changes towards system baseline can be introduced due to different objective elements in technology and business aspects. Project Quality Assurance Specialists will assess the feasibility of the requirements, the time and resources' effect of the projects and estimate the influences towards the project qualities.

  • User Acceptance: With the system completion, it will be given to customers for checking. The checking will be carried out under a defined plan and controlled environment. The user acceptance teams will fill in problem sheets if any problem is found, indicating that the level of problems and passing them to the development team to follow up. Project Management Teams will evaluate the checking processes, the allocation of recourses and keep up the processes on time with the checking teams and system teams, to make sure the whole schedules of the projects. Project Quality Assurance Specialists will make sure all the projects will be completed.

  • Simulation: By the real transactions in the online area, simulated tests will be carried out with end users. Project Quality Assurance Specialists will test the areas including the new business procedures' accuracy, staff's understanding towards the new procedures, the completeness and stability of facilities and the accuracy of new system and data change ...etc.

  • Backup Solutions: Project Quality Assurance Specialists will check if the backup solutions are feasible and complete. Before system online, backup solutions will be discussed with the user groups and the IT Department, cover the method and content of recovery, for example, the consideration of procedures, documents, software and hardware and networks. Also, the situations and criteria for recovery will be set as the online system cannot recover back to original one when it reaches a certain point.

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