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Constraint-and-Condition Material Requirement Planning™
(e-jing C2MRP™)

Constraint-and-Condition Material Requirement Planning™ ("C2MRP™") is developed to support the decision making and planning arising in material control in the supply chain environment.

C2MRP™ embeds advanced supply chain technologies of material requirement planning. Unlike traditional MRP, it can consider constraints and conditions during material planning cycle. C2MRP™ can give suggestions and simulate the results of planning in different scenarios. It definitely helps enterprises to make decisions for material usage.

C2MRP™ also stabilizes the system neverness because of the dynamic changes and fluctuations from customers or demand side. The neverness is the main cause of massive adjustments and slowing moving stock happening in the daily operation. The technologies can also help managers and planners to trace out the reasons of delay, the reasons of shortage or the reasons of overstock.

Integration with ERP System
Through the advanced planning engine and seamless integration with mainstream ERP or in-house systems, C2MRP™ can help enterprises to smooth production and material in daily operations and finally reduce the planning recourse and the inventory level.  

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