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Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment™ & Vendor Managed Inventory™ (e-jing CPFR™ & VMI™)

e-jing CPFR™ and e-jing VMI™ are developed from the CPFR model which provides integrated solutions for Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment as well as Vendor Managed Inventory. e-jing CPFR™ and e-jing VMI™ facilitate higher efficiency over supply chain management, sharpen market forecast and corresponding responsiveness, and most importantly, they help to direct an individual firm to a production network by broadening its business capability.

Advanced Feature
e-jing CPFR™ & e-jing VMI™ enable the joint forces of manufacturers, retailers and distributors in the planning of sales and procurement. The solutions allow a collaborative online working platform which eliminates human errors and customers' expectations can be met within a second in the J2EE open standard platform.

  • Wiser replenishment, inventory
  • e-jing CPFR™ system supports the guidelines of CPFR by Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards Association. e-jing CPFR™ aligns retailers, POS, warehouses, manufacturing plants, sub-contractors and suppliers together in the collaborative platform where they can share latest information which helps to make prompt and accurate decisions such as, demand forecast, replenishment, inventory level, etc.

  • Closer cooperation, Sharper Market Sense.
  • With the use of e-jing VMI™, buyers and suppliers can gain visibility of the inventory status of all parts of entire production from the centralized database. Both parties can then give real-time responses with high accuracy. Thus, the problem of stock kept unit can be alleviated with ease.

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