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Demand and Supply Planner™(e-jing DSP™)

e-jing DSP™ is designed for manufacturing enterprises to analyze and manage the forecasting from their customers in order to make decisions for matching the demand by agile production and material planning. In addition, e-jing Demand & Supply Planner™ can also consider the supply strategies by further breaking-down the forecasting demands into long lead-time materials, assemblies and core parts. This allows factory planners to plan and foresee the impacts of the demand changes and to quickly adjust the supply strategy correspondingly.

Special Feature
There are two major functions of e-jing DSP™, including Forecasting Book™ and Planning Book™.

  • Forecasting Book™

    Forecasting History Investigation
    Forecasting Book™ provides users a clear view of the histories of the forecasting demand on a specific product and style within certain time-phase or time bucket. The planner can investigate the forecasting quality and analyze the variation among each time-phase immediately.

    Forecasting Analysis
    It assists planners to identify the outstanding situations and provides alerts to related departments for extraordinary circumstances and help management to analyze if he enterprises have the ability and resources to handle the variances.

  • Planning Book™

    Assembly-to-Order (ATO) Pegging Analysis
    Planning Book™ can break down the forecasting demands into assemblies and core parts, and then predict the demand of those related assemblies and core parts. It helps factory planners to analyze whether the on-hand and projected inventory can fulfill the predicted and existing demand.

    Impact Analysis
    Planning Book™ can help the factory planner to analyze the total supply and variation of a particular assemblies. A clear and quick review of the impact of the variation can be obtained by the planners.

Connectivity between Supply Chain Module and ERP System
The DSP™ can be connected with mainstream ERP or in-house systems and also e-jing supply chain modules. It can effectively help factory planners to analyze the supply chain situations by leveraging existing systems.

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