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Finite Scheduler™ (e-jing FS™)

e-jing FS™(APS) is capable of suggesting a detail production schedule for production planners in shop-floor level. Planners can quickly make decisions on the production issues based on the suggestions of e-jing FS™(APS) and also rapidly response to the demands from customers. On the other hand, management can also make judgments and monitor the production schedules.

Special Feature for Optimization
e-jing FS™(APS) embedded with the supply chain optimization engine which can significantly reduce the extra resources in the production side. Planners can make use of e-jing FS™(APS) to simulate the production scheduling under different scenarios and environment for example:

  • Material Status
  • Urgent Order
  • Demand Change
  • Resource or Machine Availability
  • Outsourcing

e-jing FS™(APS) adopts multiple optimization algorithms to ensure a  feasible, stable and effective resolution for scheduling process on the shop-floor environment. During the scheduling process, e-jing's goal oriented scheduling engine can optimize along the different optimization dimensions, including:

  • On-time delivery rate of orders
  • Shop-floor resources utilization rate
  • Production lead-time including queuing time
  • Production costs and overtime costs

Integration with ERP System
e-jing FS™(APS) can integrate with mainstream ERP or in-house systems in order to sense the change from the demand and feedback to the related departments.

Want to learn more?
For more information about e-jing FS™(APS) applications, please feel free to contact us.


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