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Sense-and-Respond® Supply Chain Execution Management™
(Sense-and-Respond® SCEM™)

Sense-and-Respond® SCEM™ is a total solution for manufacturing enterprises to monitor and trace the production status of either sales orders or manufacturing orders. On the other hand, the solution can also assist management to measure the performance of production departments and individual workers and the actual material usage of each process. Barcode and RFID technologies can be integrated with the solution to maintain the information integrity and increase the efficiency along the operation.

Special Feature
Sense-and-Respond® SCEM™ with flexible design can meet different industries characteristics and needs. Several modules and functions within the Sense-and-Respond® SCEM™ can be provided for management and production managers to monitor and control the shop-floor. Some of the modules include:

  • Production Process Control Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Quality Control Management
  • Material Usage Management
  • Performance Management

Integration with ERP and Supply Chain System
Sense-and-Respond® SCEM™ can be built on top of other mainstream ERP and SCM systems in order to strengthen and leverage the usage and ability of the existing systems. It can finally return the actual status of sales orders, actual cost and actual material consumption to the main systems.

Want to learn more?
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