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Sense-and-Respond® Supply Chain Management™
(Sense-and-Respond® SCM™)

Business Challenges
In today's difficult and changing business environment, the critical success factor is the response time to the market, clients and suppliers. Many companies are seeking for just-in-time basis. Real-time information accessibility is highly important for tracking package status, production schedule and material availability. Nowadays, companies have spent a lot of effort to shorten the operation time in a short term so as to maintain their business process and to retain customer loyalty. This pressure leaves very limited profit-margin to them eventually. Therefore, Supply Chain Management is one of the top issue in most CEO's task list. An efficient supply chain strategy should:

  • to be adaptive;
  • to be responsive to ad hoc changes;
  • to keep a clear visibility of order status;
  • to reduce supply risk and costs;
  • to enhance customer relationship management.

Solution Overview
Sense-and-Respond® is a comprehensive supply chain management solution. It is built on the e-jing NetEnterprise™ Platform. This solution enables supply chain to become agile and adaptive to business changes, as well as improving internal and external communications. The blueprint of the supply chain management solution is geared to support four quadrants:

  • Supply Chain Intelligence
    It is a brain of solution that performs thinking, planning and optimization. It was built with industry-specific algorithms from Operation Research. It comprehends up-to-the minute situation, generates alternatives to solve constraints and allows user to react wisely by making a well-thought decision.
  • Supply Chain Monitor and Control
    It watches the supply chain 7x24 non-stop to make sure all single business processes are executed properly. Once it senses that there is an unexpected event, it will alert executives and suggest feasible options to respond immediately.
  • Supply Chain Collaboration
    It links up with customers, suppliers and subcontractors to cooperate together under a synchronized mode. It extends business horizon from a single entity to networked community to deal with the problem.
  • Supply Chain Execution
    It simplifies non-value added tasks by empowering users to conduct all supply chain activities at a common environment wherever they are located. It allows you to share real-time information and offers out-of-the box configuration engine to change the system workflow. This can fit the system workflow into daily procedures without scarifying their usual practice.

e-jing Supply Chain Management Solution enables companies to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
    • Minimize the likelihood of incomplete or late orders
    • Resolve unexpected events collaboratively within the supply chain
    • Increase visibility and improve efficiency through collaborative planning
  • More Effective Monitor and Control
    • Improve control over business processes to avoid late penalty
    • Eliminate blind spots in the supply chain to make sure key milestones are achieved on-time
    • Automate various review-and-control activities
    • Keep management informed about the work progress and customer order status
  • More Efficient Collaboration
    • Respond to unanticipated demand to allow commitment to more orders
    • Provide order status information to all your business partners
    • Increase adherence to agreed-upon collaboration procedures
    • Immediately involve all related parties to resolve problems together

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