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We mainly provides advanced supply chain optimization and decision technologies to our clients to well manage their supply chain.
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Solutions Overview

e-jing supply chain management solutions are decision and optimization tools for assisting enterprises to optimize their supply and demand planning, for example, material planning, replenishment planning and production scheduling. e-jing supply chain management tools have state-of-art technologies and features to support enterprises handling complicated and complex supply chain planning.

e-jing DSP™
e-jing Demand & Supply Planner™ (e-jing DSP™) can efficiently help supply chain planners to investigate and manage forecasting and demand from customers. It can also give suggestions to them for decision making and conducting a smooth material and production planning. The two powerful functions in the DSP™ including, Forecasting Book™ and Planning Book™ which can strength the planning ability in the dynamic supply chain environment. Learn more...

e-jing C2MRP™
e-jing Constraint-and-Condition Material Requirement Planning™ (e-jing C2MRP™) is designed to support material planning decisions in the supply chain environment. The constraint-and-condition design can remedy limitations in traditional MRP. Advanced functions in C2MRP™ can significantly improve the material planning and decrease the material inventory level. It can be integrated with existing ERP and systems. Learn more...

e-jing FS™(APS)
e-jing Finite Scheduler™ (e-jing FS™) embedded optimization algorithm which can speed up the “re-planning” skills and reduce extra recourses using in the dynamic production environment. e-jing FS™(APS) can also help planners to make decisions in the fast moving and challengeable issues, for example, outsourcing, order change and material delays. With this multi-directional design approach, e-jing FS™(APS) can satisfy different needs in various situations, especially for those industries that have multiple optimization objectives. Learn more...

Sense-and-Respond® SCM™
Sense-and-Respond® Supply Chain Management™ (Sense-and-Respond® SCM™) is a comprehensive supply chain management solution. It is built on the e-jing NetEnterprise™ Platform. This solution enables supply chain to become agile and adaptive to business changes, as well as increasing internal and external supply chain collaboration. The solution can improve the supply chain in the four different areas:

  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Supply Monitor and Control
  • Supply Chain Integration
Learn more...

Sense-and-Respond® SCEM™
Sense-and-Respond® Supply Chain Execution Management™ (Sense-and-Respond® SCEM™) is a total solution for a manufacturing company to monitor and control her shopfloor operations. Sense-and-Respond® SCEM™ can help the management to monitor what is going on in the operational level and track-and-trace status of orders through the internet. Management can also use Key Performance Index (KPI) to measure the performance of department and staff. The design of Sense-and-Respond® SCEM™ can be extended to core systems such as ERP, Sense-and-Respond® SCM™ and e-jing FS™ for executing a close-loop management in the entire environment. Learn more....

e-jing WMS™
e-jing Warehouse Management System™ (e-jing WMS™) covers the entire inbound and outbound management in the warehouse environment. The system is seamlessly integrated with the core kernel to automate put-away to pick-and-pack processes. e-jing WMS™ is suitable for most of industries to monitor and control their warehouses in a more efficient way by analyzing the inventory value, slow-moving and dead stock, transaction and allocation. e-jing WMS™ is compatible with bar-code and RFID in order to speed up the supply chain execution and increase the visibility and accuracy in the warehouse. Learn more…

e-jing CPFR™ & VMI™
e-jing Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment™ & Vendor Managed Inventory™ (e-jing CPFR™ & VMI™) is designed to allow collaborative processes along the entire supply chain parties, including suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and end customers. e-jing CPFR™ & VMI™ can give suggestions on the demand forecasting, safety stock level and replenishment planning for planners to make decisions. Through the adoption of e-jing CPFR™ & VMI™, the total cost of the supply chain can be dropped and also service level can be improved. Learn more…


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